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jLocate Store Locator , PHP solution – A great solution as the alternative to managing store locations

Finding a database full of current United State zip codes is also a daunting task. Managing United State zip codes can be a daunting task as they are always changing. Now think about if you needed Canadian zip codes. OH ME OH MY!

Well fret no more. jLocate Store Locator is a great and easy solution that will solve all these issues. This particular solution works with a very popular and robust CMS: Joomla, but is also offered outside of Joomla. Here are the great features of jLocate Store Locator.

Store Locations Management Features

  • Easily add/manage/delete your locations
  • No need to enter latitude/longitude coordinates
  • Add contact name, contact email, address and phone
  • Add store hours, store details, additional information
  • Add social media links for Facebook and Twitter
  • Add store URL
  • Plus More

Site Vistor View

  • Search by zip code and proximity (miles or kilometers)
  • Will display nearest store first in a scrollable list
  • Toggle any parameters to show or hide in list to the left
  • Map will display with all the store locations to the right
  • Click a location in the list & will auto pan location in the map
  • Bubble with marker represent information and location
  • Toggle any parameters to show or hide items in the bubble marker
  • Assign any custom graphical marker globally or each location
  • Store Details link will display all detail information
  • Plus More