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Latest Web Trends

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The world of design always changes just like fashion, interior design, and print design. Expect things to always change, but that is a good thing, right? You wouldn’t want rainbow colored-animated horizontal bars scrolling like in the not so distant 80′s, right? This article will discuss the latest trends being used today in all types of businesses. See if your website needs a face lift or is on-board looking current, fresh and modern. Remember that just like clothing your website needs face lifts too. Don’t let your website’s look site unchanged for years at a time. This will definitely show your clients you do not have time to keep it current and that business is unchanging and unimportant for you. Not good.


It is all about you…

Well as you’ve probably already noticed blog sites are getting a lot of attention…hopefully this one too. Content is KING with Google as of right now, but who knows that could change tomorrow. Word Press blogs and forums seem to be great bosom buddies with Google these days. As soon as an article or forum post (depending on which software you are using), you will see your post up the next day. So, if there is something you want to get out there, it will get out there and FAST. Conversely, if there is something you don’t wish to be ‘GET OUT’, the best way to keep a secret is “Don’t tell a soul”. :)


Will it catch up to Print Media?

15 Oct 2010

Latest Web Trends

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